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Bringing people together 

I'm Emm, the founder of Comedy Stitch Productions. 

I set up Comedy Stitch Productions (CIC) to make sure everyone has a chance to be part of something great and enjoy the power media and performance can have. It changed my life. It can change yours. 

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Behind the Scenes

Comedy Stitch Productions has board members from National Theatre directors, psychologist, teachers, and a counsellor. 


Along with a pool of award-winning filmmakers, sound engineers, comedians, poets, scriptwriters who all support her plans and are itching to get involved and show how the power of media can truly change someone's world. 

What is a CIC? 




A CIC is a 'Community Investment Company, which simply means our sole purpose and aim is to empower.


Through the support of funders, our projects aim to give every member of our community a range of opportunities to become involved. 


The only gain we want to make is to have an impact. 

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